Incoming police chief welcomed by predecessors

Soon to be former Israel Police Inspector General Moshe Karadi presided over the first ever "police chiefs' forum" in order to allow incoming police chief commander David Cohen to listen to the sage advice of his predecessors on Sunday evening. Eight former police chiefs were present in addition to Karadi. During the events, held at Beit Hashoter, the nine gathered around a table and in turn each offered advice to Cohen. The oldest of the former chiefs present was Yosef Nahmias, the second police chief of Israel whose tenure lasted from 1958 to 1963. Cohen said responding to his predecessors best wishes and advice that "there is no reason to be concerned. I understand that magnitude of the role I have been given." He added as a reference to the turmoil that the police have undergone in recent months, that he planned to finish his full tenure of four years. His predecessor, Karadi, is leaving after fewer than three years in office.