Indian rescuers reach hiker's body

Scheck's body to be flown home after nearly 3 days; no autopsy to be performed.

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The Indian rescue team charged with extracting the body of Dror Scheck, who was murdered on Sunday in India, has arrived at the location where his friends have been guarding over his body for the last two days. Dror's body will be flown in by helicopter to Beit Habad in Kasol, and from there it will be transported by car to the Kullu Airport during an estimated hour-long ride before being flown to New Delhi by the Indian Airforce. Finally, an El Al plane is expected to fly the body back to Israel by Tuesday evening. Indian police have accepted a request made by Israel not to perform autopsy on his body. "We're operating around the clock; [time] is of no importance," the Israeli ambassador in New Delhi, David Danieli, told Army Radio earlier Tuesday. The embassy had apparently had no direct contact with the Indian rescue team, which was on foot, before it reached the body, Danieli said in a separate interview with Channel 10.