‘Israel is world’s 6th largest nuclear power’

Jane’s Information Group says Jewish state has between 100 and 300 nuclear warheads.

Israel has between 100 and 300 nuclear warheads, making it the world’s sixth largest nuclear power, say defense analysts at the London-based Jane’s Information Group ahead of a nuclear summit to be hosted by US President Barack Obama in Washington this week.
According to the publishing company, the size of Israel’s nuclear arsenal puts it almost on par with Britain. Israel reportedly can fire nuclear warheads on an array of surface-to-surface Jericho missiles and on top of cruise missiles carried by its Dolphin-class submarines, giving it a second-strike capability.
The Jericho 2, says Jane’s, has a range of about 4,500 km. The Jericho3, reportedly tested by Israel several years ago, is said to have arange of close to 8,000 km. Israel can also deploy nuclear missilesfrom the air.
The Jane’s analysis, as quoted by AFP, says Israel has also developedtactical nuclear weapons and probably keeps most of its arsenal in anunassembled mode, reserving the ability to obtain fully-functionalweapons within a matter of days.