Israel weighing desalination R and D

Israel exports some $2b. in water technology; int'l market could reach $400b.

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The government scheduled to discuss on Sunday a proposal that would allot several hundred million shekels over the next three years to strengthening Israel's position as an exporter of water desalination technology, Israel Radio reported. A Makorot official said in an interview that the water technologies market could reach some $400 billion a year due to the increasing international lack of potable water. Within 15 years, the world could face a lack of as much as 32 percent in the total amount of drinking water needed. Israel's annual water technologies exports stand at some two billion dollars, the report added. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (formerly Industry, Trade, and Labor Minister) and German technology giant Siemens AG agreed in October to establish a joint team of experts to study ways to increase collaboration in developing water technologies between Siemens and Israeli industry. The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry said the two sides reached the decision during Olmert's meeting with Siemens chairman Heinrich von Pierer. The water technologies market is growing 7%-8% each year, the ministry said.