Israeli rescue team saves two at Nairobi site

Shortly after the Home Front Command rescue team arrived at the site of the collapsed building, they pulled two survivors out of the rubble and were in contact with two others, Brig.-Gen. Avraham Ben-David told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. "The first 72 hours are the most critical and all our efforts will focus on pulling out as many survivors as we can." There is a difference in the way the collapsed building in Nairobi fell as opposed to the way buildings fall from earthquakes and bomb blasts; according to Ben-David, the Israeli rescue team was the only one present at the site on Tuesday, aside from locals. All in all, over 100 survivors have been pulled out since the five-story building collapsed on Monday, he noted. The Israeli team, said Ben-David, received a warm welcome. "To be involved in offering humanitarian assistance anywhere in the world gives us great satisfaction. Our goal is to save lives, regardless of religion, gender, or origin. That is the beauty of our work."