Israeli student wins int'l rhetoric top honors

Anat Gelber, a 25-year-old MA student in philosophy at Haifa University won the title 'best rhetorician in the world' Sunday evening at the world rhetoric championships in Dublin, Ireland. On her way to the title, Gelber spoke on varied topics, including the situation in Pakistan, atomic energy, the right to fertility treatment, animal rights and illegal immigration. "In order to win a competition such as this one, one doesn't only need skill in speaking, but also wide knowledge of everything that is happening in the world today," said Gelber. Gelber began her pursuit of the title five years ago in the university's rhetoric club. She said that initially, she could not manage to speak more that 20 seconds at a time and suffered from stage fright. Since that shaky beginning, Gelber has twice won top rhetoric honors in Europe, once in 2003 and again in 2005.