Israel's newest hasbara weapon: An 'army of bloggers'

Israel's newest weapon in the public relations, or hasbara front is "an army of bloggers," according to a statement issued by the Absorption Ministry Sunday afternoon. In cooperation with the Foreign Ministry's hasbara department, the Absorption Ministry initiated a statewide effort to locate volunteers who speak foreign languages and would would agree to take part in Israel's public relations efforts over the Internet. "In recent years the Absorption Ministry has invested many resources in developing work in Cyberspace, out of an understanding that the Internet is a key to the future. Therefore, the Absorption Ministry has decided to answer the challenge and attempt to form a pool of Israeli commentators in languages that can bolster Israel's public relations in the virtual world and answer all the Israel-bashers who spread the seeds of hate," Absorption Minister Eli Aflalo said. New immigrants wishing to volunteer can send their personal details (full name, phone number, email address and native language) to