Itzik demands PM transfer Finance C'tee authority to Kadima

Kadima faction chair, along with other MK's express disappointment at suspension of Tzahi Hanegbi from Knesset; Livni: This is not the end of his political activity.

Tzipi Livni 311 Ariel J (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Tzipi Livni 311 Ariel J
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Kadima faction chair MK Dalia Itzik on Monday sent an official letter on behalf of Kadima to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a request to transfer authority of the Finance Committee to Kadima.
Itzik made the request after Jerusalem Magistrate's Court ruled earlier that the crimes which MK Tzahi Hanegbi was convicted of involved moral turpitude.
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Itzik wrote in her letter "As you know at the beginning of the current Knesset, it was agreed between you and Opposition Head Tzipi Livni (Kadima,) that the MK Hanegbi who served in the 17th Knesset, will continue his role as chairman of the Committee for a limited period."
"It was also agreed that during this period that the chairmanship of the Economic Committee would be the responsibility of Likud," Itzik continued.
On a more personal note Itzik responded to the court's decision saying, "This is a sad day for Kadima and for me personally as well. Tzahi will return, he will go the distance. I am sure we will see him come back stronger and he will certainly run for the next Knesset and reach the highest places."

Earlier in the day Livni said "this is not the end of Tzahi's political activity," referring to the ruling
which forces Hanegbi to leave the Knesset immediately. However he will be able to run for a seat in the next Knesset.

Livni continued , "I believe that at the end of his suspension, [Hanegbi] will continue contributing his skills and abilities to the State of Israel."
"Hanegbi accepted responsibility for his actions and behaved in a way befitting of a public figure throughout these proceedings, and he deserves credit for that," s
he added.

MK Ze'ev Boim expressed similar sentiments on Hanegbi's suspension from the Knesset, saying he was sorry to hear the court's decision that distances an esteemed public figure from the political arena.

"Hanegbi is a personal friend and a partner, he will succeed in recovering from the blow, and will come back soon to work on behalf of the State of Israel," Boim said.
Likud MK's also expressed disappointment at the court's ruling.
Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, who served as chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee before Hanegbi, said, "I was sorry to hear the court's verdict...As someone who is familiar with Hanegbi's skills and activities, I hope he returns soon to serve in top positions on behalf of the state."