Jerusalem man suspected of beating baby daughter to death

Jerusalem man suspected

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Jerusalem resident Nahman Anshin, 23, was remanded for one week on Friday by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on suspicion of beating his eight-month-old girl Fruma to death. The alleged incident occurred around 11 p.m. on Thursday, when tenants in the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood heard screams coming from the apartment and called the police. Before officers arrived, one of the neighbors and a police volunteer broke into the apartment from a balcony and claim that they saw the suspect banging his baby's head against the floor while holding her feet. Police officers arrived and arrested him. The baby was evacuated to Bikur Holim Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Dozens of haredim tried to attack police officers who were securing the ambulance that was carrying the girl when it arrived at the hospital, and two of them were arrested. The haredim were apparently protesting plans to carry out an autopsy on the body, but police said later that there was no need for the procedure since the signs of violence - including bite marks, a cracked skull and broken legs - were all too clear. The man's wife told police that her husband had earlier thrown her out of the house after a heated argument. Before Friday's remand hearing, Anshin was deemed fit to stand trial by a district psychiatrist, but prosecutors then agreed to the defense team's request to allow the suspect to be checked again by a psychiatrist from his community. Anshin's lawyer, Ya'acov Kaminsky, claimed that his client was well known to be mentally ill.