announces ad-free day

On March 12th, celebrates Purim by 'dressing up' and running ad-free.

no ads day jpost purim 88 (photo credit: )
no ads day jpost purim 88
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The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition - - has chosen to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim, whose central feature is dressing up in masks and costumes, by... well, dressing up. On March 12th, will change its look and run ad-free. The majority of the site's advertisers have already been notified and some have even expressed their support for the initiative, as long as it won't last beyond 24 hours. has approximately 2.5 million unique users a month, most of whom are from the United States. The site, other than news from Israel and the Middle East of course, includes an online Israel travel guide, a social network that is based on Jewish events worldwide, a French edition and much more. According to CEO Amir Orni, "We have decided to mark Purim this year by dressing up the site, or to be more exact to strip it of its regular appearance and remove all banners for one day. We believe this will actually increase awareness for banners among our readers."