Kassam hit leaves one person in shock

Rocket damages buildings in Sderot; mortars fired at Gaza security fence.

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Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip continued to fire Kassam rockets at southern Israel on Friday. One rocket landed in Sderot, damaging buildings and sending one person into shock. Later Friday afternoon, another rocket landed near a western Negev kibbutz. No wounded or damage were reported. Also Friday, a number of mortar shells were fired at the security fence in northern Gaza. No wounded or damage were reported. On Thursday, a total of four Kassams struck Sderot and the vicinity. Five people were reported suffering from shock after a morning attack, while another resident was hospitalized in Ashkelon Thursday evening, also a victim of shock. Several buildings were damaged. Also on Thursday, Sderot parents threatened not to send their children to school in September if the city's classrooms were not fortified. The parents' action came as the High Court of Justice announced it would not conduct a hearing into a petition filed by the Sderot Parents Association demanding that the state be forced to fortify classrooms.