'Kassam rockets – Goldstone’s fault'

Ayalon tells 'Post'; Iron Dome deployment to go forward as soon as possible.

Danny Ayalon JPost interview 311 (photo credit: Benjamin Spier)
Danny Ayalon JPost interview 311
(photo credit: Benjamin Spier)
"Israel has sought peace since its establishment, while thePalestinians have ceaselessly engaged in incitement," Deputy ForeignMinister Danny Ayalon said in a press briefing in Nativ HaasaraThursday, adding that the Palestinians must desist from acts of
incitement, such as calling a square after the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi.
Speaking after a Kassam rocket fell in Nativ Haasara earlier, killing aThai worker, Ayalon told the Jerusalem Post that he immediately visitedthe attacked kibbutz to assure them that the government will do theutmost to keep its citizens safe.
The deputy foreign minister also answered questions about the Iron Dome system for self defense against short range rockets.
“The Israeli government and Ministry of Defense is doing whatever theycan, irrespective of today, to move forward with the Iron Dome and allthe other multilayered protection.”
Ayalon went on to refer to the Goldstone report, "this report ismorally and professionally wrong. It grants terrorists impunity, aidand succor and tries to take away democracies' right to self-defense.With or without it Israel will continue to defend its citizens. I call
on anyone who supported the report to come see its repercussions on the ground."