Katsav character witness says she lied

Claims was pressured to testify in his favor; plaintiff "L." backs plea bargain.

aleph A pixellated (photo credit: Channel 10)
aleph A pixellated
(photo credit: Channel 10)
One of the character witnesses for former president Moshe Katsav informed the attorney of plaintiff Aleph that she had perjured herself in defending Katsav, Army Radio reported Monday. According to the report, the witness said she had been heavily pressured to testify in Katsav's favor, but had hesitated to come forward out of fear she would be punished for perjury. Katsav, who was accused of sexual crimes ranging from harassment to rape, signed a plea bargain last month with the state, which agreed to drop the rape charges in exchange for Katsav's admitting he had sexual relations with one of the four women who filed complaints against him. Many have petitioned the state against the plea bargain in recent weeks. However, on Sunday night, Katsav accuser "L." announced that she supported the plea bargain and would attempt to convince the High Court of Justice to accept the deal signed with the former president, according to a Channel 2 report. L., who was at first opposed the plea bargain, was set to appear with her attorney before the court to try and persuade it to accept the agreement. L.'s attorney submitted a document to the Supreme Court which read: "In L.'s opinion, there is great value in the fact that Katsav will admit and accept upon himself everything she has said that appears in the indictment ... and is the absolute truth."