Katyusha rocket remains found in Shlomi

Residents of neighborhood near the Lebanese border report hearing loud bang overnight.

Remains of two Katyusha rockets were found Tuesday morning on a balcony of a house in the Shlomi neighborhood, near the Lebanese border. It is unclear if the remains are from a newly-fired rocket or from one fired during the Second Lebanon War. Residents reported hearing a loud bang overnight but said they went back to sleep thinking it was thunder. The IDF was investigating the discovery and soldiers, police and Shlomi Municipality head Gabi Ne'eman were sweeping the area in search of more remains. If the rockets were indeed fired overnight, it would be the first Katyusha rockets fired toward the North since June when two Katyushas landed in the Kiryat Shmone area, one hitting a car in an industrial zone north of the city and the other landing in a residential area.