Labor petitions HCJ to block past MKs from Kadima

The Labor Party petitioned the High Court of Justice on Thursday to prohibit former Labor MKs Shimon Peres, Dalia Itzik and Haim Ramon from running on the Kadima ticket for the 17th Knesset. The party argued that the three had left Labor and been rewarded for their defection by being given safe spots on the Kadima slate of candidates. According to the law, if an MK leaves his faction, does not resign from the Knesset immediately, and is rewarded by another party for the defection, he may not run in the next election on the list of any party represented in the outgoing Knesset. The party originally appealed against the three to the Central Elections Committee, but CEC Chairwoman and Supreme Court Justice Dorit Beinish ruled that it was not for the committee to determine whether the actions of Peres, Itzik and Ramon met the definition of the law.