Lawyer: Talansky won't be questioned again

Israel Police refuse to comment on report; NY businessman due back in Israel on Thursday.

talansky jlem 224 88 ap (photo credit: AP)
talansky jlem 224 88 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Police will not question Morris Talansky when he arrives back in Israel to celebrate his grandson's wedding on Thursday, said his lawyer, Jack Chen, on Wednesday evening. Talansky appeared at a Jerusalem District Court last week to provide testimony, during which he described transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, unleashing a political firestorm that continues to threaten Olmert's premiership. Talansky's descriptions of Olmert's lavish lifestyle - made possible thanks to continuous cash infusions - undermined Olmert's claims that he used the New York businessman's money for his political campaigns. An Israel Police spokesman said he would "not give away information on the investigation," and refused to say whether Talansky would be called in for questioning again. According to an arrangement made by the Jerusalem District Court, Olmert's legal team will be able to cross-examine Talansky in July. In the meantime, Olmert's attorneys, led by Eli Zohar, continue to review material from the police investigation, in an effort to find holes and contradictions in Talansky's testimony. The National Fraud Unit will fly to New York to continue the investigation into Olmert, but it "has not yet left the country," a police spokesman said. Addressing a report which claimed that police will seek to speak to Olmert's son, Shaul, in the US, the spokesman said the issue was "irrelevant. The police team has not yet taken off, so this not an issue."