Letter containing powder, threat sent to TA embassies

"We will spread bioagents in USA if it would force Israel to create terrorist Muslim state in Ramallah," letter reads.

Envelopes containing an unidentified white powder and a threatening letter were sent to the American, Spanish and Swedish embassies in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.
At least one employee from the American embassy, the woman who opened the envelope, was taken by police for detoxification.
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“We have no reports of any injuries,” a Tel Aviv police spokesman told The Jerusalem Post.
The letter, written in English, sent to the US embassy reads, “We will spread bioagents in USA if it would force Israeli government to create a terrorist Muslim occupant state in Ramallah.”
Police evacuated the powder in sealed containers and transferred them to the Environmental Protection Ministry for a chemical analysis.
Kurt Hoyer, a spokesman for the US embassy, told the Post, “We had a suspicious envelope at the embassy. We are working with the local police.”
Hoyer added that the embassy implemented a set response designed for such incidents.