Lieberman files complaint against rightist party

Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman filed a complaint Wednesday against the party of MKs Uri Ariel and Zvi Hendel, Tkuma, which he claimed was illegally funding "a malicious propaganda campaign" against him in the Russian media. Lieberman filed his complaint to the police, as well as to the state comptroller. Lieberman claimed that in recent days, Russian papers and websites had been running a campaign against him which he suspected was funded by Tkuma director-general, Nahi Eyal. Lieberman said he believed Eyal's campaign was being funded by two corporations not formally linked with Tkuma. Lieberman stated in his complaint that, if this was the case, Eyal had broken laws which forbid parties from receiving donations from corporations. Tkuma is part of the National Union, which merged with the National Religious Party.