Livni: It's either Likud and Shas or me

Less than two weeks before the elections, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Wednesday blasted the renewed partnership between the Likud and Shas, in an eleventh-hour effort to close the gap in the race. "It's either Bibi and Shas - or me" Livni said in unusually combative address at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "Today there is no such thing as separate ballots: Likud and Shas are one." The remarks come on the heels of the Sephardi haredi party's public support for Netanyahu as the next prime minister. Livni, who is running behind Likud in the polls, told the gathering that a vote for any other party other than Kadima was a vote for Netanyahu. "Environment, pensioners are important things, [but] every vote that is not for Kadima is a vote for Bibi Netanyahu," she said.