Man found after posting suicide message on Facebook

Man found after posting

Police found an Eilat man injured near the city on Wednesday, a day after they had launched a manhunt following a suicide message the man had left on his Facebook page. Friends of the 44-year-old man had contacted police Tuesday night after he posted a farewell message on the social networking site, in which he said he did not want to carry on living. Friends who saw the message became concerned when they were unable to reach him. After the man was reported missing, police managed to locate his cellphone in his car next to an IDF base near the city, but the man was nowhere to be found. The searches, which included a helicopter, IDF rescue forces and 20 volunteers, carried on into the night but were called off around midnight. The man was found a few hours later, healthy, but with two broken ribs he had suffered in a fall. He was treated in Eilat's Josephthal Hospital, where he remains. The man moved to the city several months ago, after his marriage fell apart. He was reportedly unemployed and the father of a 10-year-old girl. Police said the man had told them he'd had no intention of killing himself. They intend to question him over his disappearance after his condition improves. In February, aspiring actor and model Paul Zolezzi was found dead, hanging from a set of monkey bars at a Brooklyn, New York, park hours after he left a status update on his Facebook page that seemed to imply he was planning to kill himself.