Meridor: Those who don't want Jaffa Gate an int'l crossing, vote Likud

Dan Meridor, a Likud member who is currently running for a place on the party's Knesset list, implied on Friday that Israelis who do not vote for Likud in the upcoming general election will end up paving the way for massive territorial concessions, which would include almost all of the Old City in Jerusalem. "Everybody who does not want to see the Jaffa Gate [become] an international crossing needs to vote Likud," he said to a gathering of Likud supporters in the capital. "We are not prepared to see Jaffa Gate as the border. Unfortunately, it would seem that some others are." "The Labor party is being dwarfed," he continued. "Kadima is going backwards and creating a big vacuum which we are able to fill with a serious, responsible, and smart party leadership."