Military Police target W. Bank reckless drivers

Military Police in the Central Command launched a month-long operation on Monday aimed at curbing the number of car accidents involving soldiers throughout the West Bank. Lt.-Col. Yuri Bronstein, Military Police chief at Central Command, said that in recent months, soldiers have been involved in an increasing number of car accidents, most of them caused by speeding, not wearing seat belts or careless driving. The operation in conjunction with the Judea and Samaria Police will last a month and will focus on the Hebron area, Road 443, and Road 57 near Ariel. In addition to the regular number of patrol cars on these roads, Military Police plans to deploy 16 patrol cars manned jointly by the IDF and the Israel Police. Bronstein said that a large number of accidents were caused by soldiers who drove faster in the West Bank out of fear that they would get shot by Palestinian terrorists. "What they don't understand is that there is a bigger chance you will get killed in the West Bank in a car accident than by a terror attack," he said.