More Jews pass matriculation exams than Arabs

Nat'l pass rate: 53.3%; 30,000 don't get diploma; rise in those failing English.

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A higher percentage of Jewish students passed this year's matriculation exams than their Arab counterparts, according to data released by the Education Ministry on Monday. 58.7 percent of Jews achieved pass grades as opposed to 58.2% the previous year, while in the Arab sector, there was a pass rate of 35.7% - compared with 36.8% last year. There was also a drop in the number of pass grades among Beduin - 27.9% compared with 28.8% last year. The national pass rate for this year's matriculation exams was 53.3%. The number of students throughout the country who achieved pass grades reached 52,664, while more than 30,000 didn't get the required marks in the mandatory subjects - Mathematics, History, English, Physical Education, Civil Studies, Hebrew language and Hebrew composition - in order to receive a matriculation diploma. The percentage of students who failed their matriculation in English rose to 5.8% from 5.5% the previous year. Meanwhile, a sharp rise was recorded in pass grades among Druse students - 44% as opposed to last year's figure of 40.7%. Once again, girls proved a higher proficiency than their male counterparts. 63.1% of girls received a diploma as opposed to 51.6% of boys.