National Union-NRP sweeps Hebrew U. mock election vote

Joint list wins 24 mandates; left-wing Meretz second with 23.

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In a stunning political upset, the right-wing National Union-National Religious Party won mock student elections held Wednesday at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a student union spokeswoman said. The National Union-NRP got 24 mandates, followed by the left-wing Meretz which came in a close second place with 23 seats, and Labor with 21. Kadima and Likud received a mere 11 mandates each. 1,802 students participated in the voting which was held at the university's two Jerusalem campuses, the spokesperson said. "The turnout in these elections proved that students are involved politically and it is important that their voice be heard on political issues, especially in Jerusalem," said Yakir Segev, the head of the Student Union which ran the balloting. The results are especially surprising since Hebrew University is considered to be a liberal bastion in an otherwise hawkish city.