Navah Barak to join Kadima

Will Navah Barak become the Hillary Clinton of Israel?

navah barak 88 (photo credit: )
navah barak 88
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Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak's ex-wife Navah is expected to announce Wednesday in a press conference in Tel Aviv that she is joining Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Kadima party, sources told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday night. Kadima announced that they would reveal a major acquisition at the press conference, but kept the new recruit's identity a closely guarded secret. Army Radio, however, predicted that the new acquisition would be revealed as interim Likud chairman Tzahi Hanegbi. Barak recently divorced the former prime minister, who was expected to announce on Thursday that he would not seek a Knesset seat with Labor. If Navah Barak announces that she is running for Knesset, then she would follow in the footsteps of her friend New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who also joined politics after her husband's political career ended. The former prime minister, to whom Barak had been married for 34 years prior to their divorce, has been reported to have severe disagreements with the new Labor chairman, Amir Peretz. In spite of the tensions, Barak has announced that he would remain in the Labor Party. Navah Barak, besides being a well-known and respected figure around the country, would serve as a role model for the socio-economically challenged, as her childhood was spent in a poor neighborhood in Tiberias. She then went on to earn a university degree in Hebrew and Arabic literature. Barak is an active supporter of many charities.