Netanyahu presents Likud's economic platform

Likud head Binyamin Netanyahu vowed to eradicate poverty in Israel within three years while speaking at a press conference where he presented the Likud's economic platform on Tuesday afternoon. Netanyahu suggested a reform in the budget's structure and the tax system in Israel. The past finance minister promised to lower the VAT by 2.5% and to reduce the government's operations. He also said he would combat the monopolies and to continue processes of privatization and reform. "We are dealing with actions, and not words, and I think that we have results," Netanyahu said. "We saved the economy and I know that today we can pull people out of poverty through policies 'to expand the cake.'" "All of the talk about just social benefits divides 'the cake.' The key to our [the Likud's] policies is to always enlarge 'the cake' and to divide it more wisely. That way, more 'cake' will be left, and not just crumbs."