Netanyahu presents NIS 130 million plan to save Lod

New plan will focus on security the city, which recently faced a wave of murders, and will also attempt to draw new residents.

BORDER POLICE Lod 311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu plans to bring a plan to help Lod to a vote in the next government meeting, according to reports released Thursday.
The plan, put together by an emergency committee after multiple recent murders in the city, will cost NIS 130 million.
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The central goal of the plan is to make Lod more secure. This will include opening a special branch of the Ministry of Public Security to deal with the city's illegal weapons problem, in cooperation with Israel Police.
The plan will also strengthen the city's economy and infrastructure, and deal with illegal construction problems. The government also plans to try to draw in new residents, and hire new, Arabic-speaking social workers. The plan includes an investment in informal education, and new sport centers in Lod.
"We will do whatever is necessary so that Lod will continue to attract residents, young couples and tourists," Netanyahu said when presenting the plan. "The first commitment of any government to its citizens is security. I cannot accept that Lod will become the wild west. "
"I am certain that the integrated actions which we are taking in the fields of the economy, housing, infrastructure, social welfare and personal security are the combination that will bring change to Lod," the prime minister said.
The ministers in Sunday's meeting will decide whether or not to approve the plan. Should they approve it, it will be put into action in the next few weeks.