Netanyahu: We will never divide J'lem

PM emphasizes Jews' connection to capital on Jerusalem Day.

Netanyahu Jerusalem day 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Netanyahu Jerusalem day 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Israel's capital will never be divided, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reiterated during a speech at Ammunition Hill in honor of Jerusalem Day on Wednesday evening.
"We cannot divide or freeze a city as vibrant and creative as Jerusalem - we will continue to build and be built by it," Netanyahu stressed.
"Jerusalem Day is the day on which Jerusalem was finally liberated, and was able to take all of its residents, Jewish and Arab, under its wings," Netanyahu said. "Never again shall it be suffocated, gloomy or divided."
"We are the generation which was lucky enough to see our holy sites liberated and returned to our hands, and it is upon us to transfer this right to our children," the prime minister continued.
During his speech, Netanyahu also touched upon the peace process and the significant role Jerusalem seems to be playing in its advancement. "I believe that we will achieve peace, but whoever suggests that the problems with the peace process are really based on a problem with Jerusalem, we will remind them that [Jerusalem] was once divided, but [nevertheless] war raged there," he said.
Netanyahu continued, "Each side will bring their requests to the negotiations, but in the end, the idea that the Jewish nation should live in its land and build its capital will not be a deterrent to achieving peace."
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Tuesday evening at the capital’s prestigious Mercaz Harav Yeshiva Netanyahu stated that "the fight for Jerusalem is the fight for truth."
Speaking Tuesday, on the eve of Jerusalem Day, the prime minister highlighted the interaction between truth and justice, stressing that any distortion of justice concerning the Jewish people and Jerusalem was also a distortion of truth.
“The truth is that Jerusalem is our lifeblood,” he said. “We have an indissoluble connection to it. Thousands of years, three thousands years. We have never relinquished this connection. We didn’t relinquish it when the temple was destroyed the first time, we didn’t relinquish it when the temple was destroyed a second time.”