Noam Schalit urges France to secure son's release

Noam Schalit met French Ambassador to Israel Jean-Michel Casa on Tuesday and asked for an official French call to secure the release of his son, IDF Cpl. Gilad Schalit, Army Radio reported. Schalit, a French citizen, held a press conference during which he spoke in French. The conference was attended by Casa and attracted many French reporters. "We are disappointed that the French government is not making loud and clear demands to immediately release Gilad, who is a French citizen, as well as an IDF soldier," Schalit told reporters. "Hamas has been blocking access to Gilad from us and from all international bodies; we neither know his medical condition nor under what conditions he is being held," he added. The previous French ambassador, Gerard Araud, visited the Schalit residence immediately after the kidnapping and promised Noam Schalit the help of the French government in securing Gilad's prompt release.