NSC: Avoid traveling to Jordan, Egypt

Counter-Terrorism Bureau's travel warning: Hizbullah cells' activity makes Sinai most dangerous location.

Sinai huts 248.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski  (file))
Sinai huts 248.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski (file))
The National Security Department in the Prime Minister's Office issued updated travel warnings on Tuesday, urging Israelis to refrain from traveling to Jordan and Egypt - two Muslim countries with which Israel has peace treaties, as well as to Morocco and Kenya - two African countries with large Muslim populations. According to the PMO statement, due to anti-Israel hostilities among Jordanians, people who have the option of postponing a trip are urged to do so, with the exception of tourists who have a stopover at Amman airport with the national carrier, Royal Jordanian. The office also warned Israelis against traveling to Egypt and especially the Sinai Peninsula. The threat level in Sinai is higher than the rest of Egypt, the PMO said, citing recent arrests of Hizbullah cells in Egypt, and called on all Israelis currently in Sinai to return immediately. Hizbullah, according to the PMO, plans to either kill Israelis abroad or kidnap them. Kenya should be avoided by tourists and only visited by businessmen who cannot postpone trips, said the warning. The Kenyan shoreline is considered more dangerous than the mainland. A similar warning was issued for Morocco. Hizbullah, however, is considered a threat not only in Egypt and Sinai but also worldwide. A separate statement on the PMO Web site warns Israelis around the world that Hizbullah is looking to kidnap or kill Israelis abroad and calls on them to be extra vigilant while traveling.