Offices of Arab MK burgled

A-Sanaa clashes with police on destruction of houses.

United Arab List MK Taleb a-Sanaa has had his share of confrontations with the police, but on Monday, not only did he clash with them, he also needed their help. It was a bad day all round for the parliamentarian. First his Beersheba offices were broken into in the middle of the night and then he failed in an attempt to stop the destruction of six illegal Beduin houses in a village near Dimona. A-Sanaa said the thieves stole computer equipment worth tens of thousands of shekels and documents relating to the Knesset election due to take place in March. He believes the burglary was politically motivated. "It's the election period, there is competition, and somebody wants to have an influence," he said. This is the second time in two weeks that the offices of a political party have been burgled. Thieves broke into National Religious Party premises near the Mea She'arim neighborhood of Jerusalem earlier this month and stole computers containing "important and secret" material. The police said at the time that the break-in appeared to be criminal rather than political. Later on Monday, a-Sanaa attempted to prevent officials from the Interior Ministry's National Unit for the Supervision of Houses from destroying six illegal houses in the village of Amtenan, but was kept away from the buildings by the police. The ministry said the inhabitants of three of the houses emptied them before the officials arrived, while three others were abandoned. Another building that was meant for destruction had already been demolished by the builders themselves.