Olmert: Law of Return most important

PM marks Tu Bishvat by speaking at a 3rd grade civics class at his alma mater in Binyamina.

olmert teacher 224 88 (photo credit: GPO)
olmert teacher 224 88
(photo credit: GPO)
"The most important law ever enacted by the Knesset is the Law of Return," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told third-graders in Binyamina's Eshkolot school on Tuesday during a 40 minute civics class he conducted, to mark Tu Bishvat and the 59th anniversary of the Knesset. "[The Law of Return] endows every Jew with the right to come to Israel; it is the law that fulfills the dream and the principle that the state of Israel is the home of the Jewish people," he said. Olmert, who studied at Eshkolot as a child, told the children that the school had changed since he had last seen it. "When I studied here, it was so many years ago. I look around and try to recognize the school as it once was and I can't," the prime minister said. "I remember how the teacher Kahane tried to teach us carpentry lessons, and I was very clumsy. I also remember the teacher Drora who taught me in first grade." The great granddaughter of former prime minister Menahem Begin asked Olmert what political party he belonged to. "Today I am in the Kadima party, but not too many years ago I was in your great grandfather's party - Likud." "This was the most interesting class I've taught in the last year," Olmert concluded, and invited the children to take a tour of the Knesset. "If you ever have a question you are welcome to call me in Jerusalem," he told the kids. "Just say I was your teacher and they'll transfer me to you."