Olmert's approval ratings up after he disclosed his prostate cancer

Polls published Tuesday after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert disclosed he has prostate cancer put his approval ratings at their highest point since last summer's flawed war in Lebanon. A Dahaf Research Institute survey taken immediately after Olmert's announcement Monday showed 41 percent of Israelis said Olmert was doing a "good" job, a 6 percentage point increase from the previous month. Pollsters surveyed 500 people, and the margin of error was 4.3 percentage points. Another poll by the TNS Teleseker polling company showed 11 percent of the respondents thought Olmert was the most suitable candidate to serve as prime minister, up from 4.8 percent in June. The leading candidate was Benjamin Netanyahu, who takes a hard line against the Palestinians and mustered support from 31 percent of those questioned. The survey of 412 people had a margin of error of 4.8 percentage points.