'Palestinian youth attacked by settlers'

Shepherd allegedly beaten, his limbs fractured near village of Kusra.

masked settlers 88298 ap (photo credit: AP [file])
masked settlers 88298 ap
(photo credit: AP [file])
A young Palestinian shepherd was reportedly attacked near the Kusra village located south of Nablus. The boy and another Palestinian witness told police that the attackers were armed settlers. The youth was rushed to a Nablus hospital in moderate condition, suffering fractures in his arms and legs. Judea and Samaria Police were informed of the incident following a complaint filed by the boy's father at a Palestinian Police coordination headquarters. According to another 14-year-old Palestinian shepherd's testimony, two settlers driving an SUV fired in the air, attacked the boy and drove him on the vehicle to the nearby Village of Duma. Because of the scene's location, IDF instructed police not to conduct searches during the night. Following an inspection Wednesday that revealed shells of a 5.56mm firearm and the similarity of testimonies given by several Palestinian witnesses independently, police said the allegations were strongly credible and would be investigated further, Israel Radio reported.