Peres: 'In Gaza they light rockets, and in Sderot we light candles'

Despite the recommendation from Shimon Peres's security detail that he cancel his trip to Sderot on account of the barrage of rockets that were fired at the Gaza periphery, the president decided to go ahead with his visit and to light the fourth Hanukka candle together with children and residents of the city. "In Gaza they light rockets, and in Sderot we light candles," Peres said during a candle-lighting ceremony at the Sderot Community Center. "The IDF and its commanders worry about your children as if they were their own, and they will manifest a responsible and effective response," he continued. "From here I call for an end to superfluous speech. Let the IDF act and decide on the timing and scope of its response." Peres added, "To the Palestinians I say - we do not want to see you suffering on account of Hamas's guilt. The moment that you stop firing rockets at us, there will be quiet in Gaza and the crossings will be open. The sole responsibility for the situation in Gaza is clearly on the shoulders of Hamas."