Peretz: I'm paying price for errors of past years

Outgoing Defense Minister Amir Peretz protested on Monday that he was expected to pay the price for mistakes that were not his fault. In a speech to the Knesset marking the end of his term as defense minister, Peretz said that he was being blamed for deficiencies that had been present for years and in which he'd "had no part" - but "when it happens on your watch, you're [expected to be] responsible for all of it," he said. He also lashed out at the reservists who staged protests following the Second Lebanon War last summer, contending that they should have demonstrated over their lack of training before the war, rather than after. However, the defense minister praised the IDF leadership, including Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, for their good work, and noted a "revolution" in the improvement in army training and preparedness since the new IDF chief took office.