Peretz: Labor won't close its doors to anybody

"We are all restraining ourselves. There is no doubt that those sitting here have much to say about the situation of the country, but the central test its citizens excpect us to pass is one of restraint and patience,"Labor chair Amir Peretz said Sunday at the opening of a Labor party meeting in the Tel Aviv Hatikvah neighborhood. "We all send our hopes for recovery to the Prime Minister," Peretz continued. "At this time, political differences are of no importance as we are faced with the need to create stability, and we are backing up Olmert so that it is clear that the State of Israel has a strong democracy." "Every person in the political sphere has to decide where his natural place is," Peretz added. "Labor won't close its doors to anybody, but we will also not cause talks in a manner that is not appropriate at such a critical hour."