Pilot who bombed Nasrallah's bunker: 'We will get them all'

iaf pilot 298 courtesy (photo credit: Courtesy )
iaf pilot 298 courtesy
(photo credit: Courtesy )
"We will get them all in the end," Capt. A, one of the pilots who bombed Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's underground bunker Sunday night, declared on Monday, minutes before boarding an F-16I fighter jet on his way to another sortie over Lebanon. On Saturday night, the IAF bombed and destroyed Nasrallah's home and office in the neighborhood of Dahiya in southern Beirut. Dahiya, a high-ranking IDF officer told The Jerusalem Post on Monday, was a Hizbullah stronghold and only terrorists affiliated with Hizbullah were allowed in and out. On Monday, the IAF continued to strike an underground bunker in Dahiya which was believed to be Nasrallah's current hideout. "It is a closed-in terror capital," the officer said of Dahiya. "Only card-carrying Hizbullah operatives are allowed inside after passing through an armed checkpoint." Nasrallah, the officer said, had been holed up in the bunker ever since the IAF began bombing Beirut last week. "He has not seen the light of day," a senior Military Intelligence officer told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday. IAF fighter jets from Squadron 101 have been running daily bomb raids on the bunker, the main Hizbullah nerve center. Since two soldiers were kidnapped in a Hizbullah attack along the northern border last Wednesday, the squadron has bombed hundreds of targets from the Hizbullah bunker to bridges, Katyusha rocket launchers and weapons warehouses. The IAF has been using bunker-busting missiles in its air raids on the Hizbullah bunker. "The public should know that the air force is working hard and achieving the goals it has set for itself even though Katyusha rockets are falling in Israel," Capt. A. said. "The public should be calm... we will get them all [Hizbullah leaders] in the end, wherever they may be, since no terrorist has immunit