PM to tackle Iran, peace and Goldstone

PM to tackle Iran, peace

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will deliver his speech to the UN General Assembly in English on Thursday, because, officials in the Prime Minister's Office said, Israelis already understand the issues, and it is necessary for the world to hear and understand. The Prime Minister's Office said the speech would be "dramatic," directly tackling three main issues: the Iranian nuclear threat, the regional peace process and the recent UN Human Rights Council-sanctioned Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead. Netanyahu will stress the threat a nuclear-armed Iran poses to the entire world and not only to Israel. If Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stays in the hall during the prime minister's speech, he will hear Netanyahu say that his country threatens the entire free world, democracy and the Middle East. The prime minister is also expected to call for another deadline to cap diplomatic engagement with Iran. In addition, Netanyahu will slam the report commissioned by the UNHCR and written by the team headed by South African Judge Richard Goldstone. He is expected to say the report ties the hands of democracies fighting terrorism and rewards the terrorists' modes of operation.