Police brace for new haredi riots

Netanyahu calls for restraint after ruling in Emmanuel case.

Haredi riots in Jaffa 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Haredi riots in Jaffa 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed haredi protesters and police, as the Israel Police prepares for the possibility of nationwide disturbances by haredi protesters following the High Court decision to imprison parents who flout a High Court ruling to end ethnic segregation at an Orthodox elementary school in Emmanuel.
On Wednesday evening, Netanyahu said: "At this fateful hour, when enemies threaten the State of Israel's existence, I call upon all sides in this matter to show restraint, to respect the law, and solve the problem in a peaceful and pleasant way."
Earlier Wednesday, Police Insp.Gen David Cohen ordered the police's head of operations, Cmdr. Nissim Mor, to draw up plans that will allow police to carry out the High Court's decision. Police are expecting widespread haredi demonstrations across the country following the ruling.
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On Wednesday evening, an evaluation was held by police brass, in which Cohen was presented with possibilities for enacting the High Court's decision. At the same time, 150 haredi men attempted to Route 1, the main highway into Jerusalem, and threw rocks at police, who cleared the demonstration.
Jerusalem Police plan to allow an organized protest at 1:30 PM on Thursday.
"At this stage... the Israel Police is attempting to go down the path of dialogue and to try and prevent the looming demonstrations," police said in a statement.
"We call on the heads of the haredi community to show responsibility and ask members of the community to act with restraint. The Israel Police allows the holding of protests but does not allow acts of assault or disruption to the peace."