Pregnant woman murdered in Ashdod

Woman killed "over coffee stain," doctors try to save baby.

Tali Attar, a heavily pregnant 34-year-old Ashdod woman died in Rehovot's Kaplan Hospital on Sunday, after being stabbed in the neck. Her fetus was in a critical condition.
A female neighbor of Attar was arrested in connection with the stabbing, which was believed to be the result of an argument between neighbors.
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Preliminary reports claimed that the argument was ignited by some coffee Attar accidentally spilled from her third floor apartment onto the garments hanging on the clotheslines of her neighbor below on the second floor.
Attar, who was estimated to be eight months pregnant, was taken to the hospital by MDA, while undergoing resuscitation.
According to reports, hospital doctors performed a Caesarian section at the hospital and were working on saving the fetus.