President Katsav is highest paid civil servant

President Moshe Katsav is the highest paid civil servant, topping the prime minister by over NIS 6,000 per month. According to the Knesset Finance Committee, Katsav's salary for January was NIS 46, 278 while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's was NIS 39,817. If Katsav were to suspend himself from his position, he would continue receiving his salary until a new president was elected. The Knesset's Law and Constitution Committee said they were looking into what would happen to Katsav's salary if he is incarcerated. The committee also released the January numbers for ministers and judges. A minister received NIS 35,819 and a deputy minister NIS 33, 140. The numbers were unchanged from the previous month. Salaries do not include other perks of the position. Supreme court judges earned between NIS 40-45,000 while lower court judges earned between NIS 27,000 - 34,000. Sheera Claire Frenkel contributed to this report.