Rafting victim's parents urge caution

Mother of Moran Califa, 20, tells tourists, "Live your dreams, but be careful!"

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rafting peru 88
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Naomi Califa, mother of 20-year-old Moran Califa who was killed Thursday night in a rafting accident in Peru, told Army Radio on Sunday that her one comfort was that this had been the happiest year of her daughter's life. Califa described Moran z"l as "the most loving girl." "Everyone loved her," Califa said, and described her daughter's adventures in South America, which included parachuting and a visit to Brazil during Carnival. Califa urged young listeners not to give up on their dreams. "Live them, but be careful!" she pleaded. Moran's father, on the other hand, wished that young Israelis would "stop all this craziness in South America after the army." Grieving, he said that he didn't understand why people like his daughter were tempted to flirt with death. "Don't do this to your families, think of your parents," he begged. Moran, who had already tried rafting at levels 1 and 2, decided to join a group of 11 other tourists for a level 5 (the hardest) rafting trip down the Apurimac River. According to Califa, who spoke to Moran's boyfriend Roi after the accident, the rafters had not been tied to the boat, which had already flipped over once before the accident in which Moran drowned. The remaining members of the rafting team were unharmed and were evacuated to the neighboring town of Cuzco. The group intended to continue their trip. The Apurimac River is known to be a dangerous one that has taken several lives in the past. Two Israelis tourists were killed in the same river only two years ago.