Rain puts damper on Succot holiday

Thunderstorms, strong winds recorded in some places; temperature drops.

maaleh adumimrainbow 298 (photo credit: AP [file])
maaleh adumimrainbow 298
(photo credit: AP [file])
Heavy rain fell in the North and other parts of the country on Wednesday - putting the dampers on festivities and outings on the first day of the week-long "Hol HamoedSuccot." The rain was accompanied by isolated thunderstorms and strong winds in some places and there was a marked drop in temperatures. Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) duty forecaster Goldi Goshen said that day-time temperatures on Wednesday were five to seven degrees under the seasonal average in central and hilly districts. "The temperature in Jerusalem, for instance, reached a high of around 18 degrees on Wednesday, compared to about 25 degrees on average for this time of the year," Goshen told The Jerusalem Post. She said the rain and winds would ease on Thursday, although there would still be light showers throughout the country and a slight prospect of flooding in parts of the South. The rain on Wednesday caused the cancellation of several activities and events throughout the country and deterred some holidaymakers from going ahead with planned trips in the countryside. It did not, however, prevent some Haifa residents from going for their regular swim in the sea along the Hof Hacarmel, Dado and Bat Galim beaches. The bathing season does not officially end for a further five days, after which lifeguard stations will not be staffed. Goshen had some brighter news for holidaymakers, saying the forecast was for dry and warmer weather from Friday onwards. "On Friday, we expect a slight rise in temperatures on Friday and a drop in humidity, although it will still be colder than normal for this time of the year," she said. "A further rise in temperatures is slated for Saturday and by Sunday temperatures will reach the seasonal average, although there will be another drop in humidity," said Goshen. The IMS forecast extends as far as the next four days, although weather experts said it appeared the dry and warm conditions would continue at least until the end of Succot.
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