Report card: 16th Knesset

From its first session on February 17, 2003 until its last on Wednesday, the 16th Knesset approved a total of 358 bills, 176 proposed by the government, 156 by MKs and 16 by Knesset committees. The Knesset also filed 250 no-confidence motions. Best Attendance goes to MK Nissan Slomiansky (National Religious Party), who was present for 303 days. Worst Attendance is granted jointly to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (Likud/Kadima) and Health Minister Dan Naveh (Likud), with only six days in the Knesset building each. Best Legislators in the 16th Knesset were NRP MKs Shaul Yahalom and Gila Finkelstein, who successfully brought 14 laws through second and third readings. Runner-up was MK Ehud Rassabi (Shinui) for passing 11 new laws. Worst Legislator in the Knesset is given to a three-way tie between MKs Yossi Lapid (Shinui), Raleb Majadala (Labor) and Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres (Labor), who proposed only one bill each, none of which have yet passed. Most Talkative is awarded to MK Abdul Malik Dahamshe (United Arab List), who delivered 553 speeches and submitted 85 questions. Most Taciturn MK was David Levy (Likud), with only 20 speeches on the plenum floor. Data was compiled from a statistical report issued from the Knesset Spokesman's Office. - S.C.F.