Rioters attack police in Bet El

8 police, 23 settlers injured in demolition of West Bank building.

Settler youths at Beit Hagay 311  (photo credit: AP)
Settler youths at Beit Hagay 311
(photo credit: AP)
Police and West Bank civil administration officials who came to demolish illegal building foundations in Bet El came under attack on Tuesday, from large numbers of youths and local yeshiva students. 
Eight policemen and 23 settlers were injured in the rioting, during which settlers threw rocks and paint at police and tried to damage police vehicles.
Settlers call for non-violent resistance
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National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari criticized the operation, charging that "[Defense Minister Ehud] Barak sends soldiers armed with paint guns against terrorists while sending anti-terror police armed with batons and tear gas to thrash settlers."
The government imposed a ten month moratorium on construction in the West Bank, starting from November 2009, however it has also promised them financial compensation for the "damage" caused by the moratorium.