Rose Pizem's father still has hope that his girl is alive

Rose Pizem's father still has hope that his girl is alive. In an interview to the Associated Press on Thursday, Benjamin Pizem said his father, Ronnie Ron, who is suspected of murdering Benjamin's daughter, could be manipulating police. "I don't know what he's capable of...I know he's capable of stealing the wife of his son, so I think he's capable of many things. When I see him in videos, I see in his face, even if it's quite a neutral one, he has an expression that says 'you don't know everything, and I'm manipulating all of you.' That's the reason why we think there's some hope Rose is still alive," Pizem said. He had harsh words for his ex-wife Marie, charging that she abandoned her daughter. "I think that if a mother is capable of abandoning her daughter, she's capable of many things," he said. He added that Marie's charge that he abused his daughter is "absurd" and that he had stated the child needed treatment since she wasn't speaking nor was she toilet trained.