Rosenblum's sweet smell of success

• Born: 1954 in Petah Tikva, to Iraqi mother and German Holocaust survivor father, who abandoned family when she was a toddler. • Grew up: in rented shack with an outside toilet. • Left high school: after 10th grade to work as salesgirl. • Talent spotted: at 16, in Tel Aviv as beauty contest material; dyes her hair platinum blonde and rises to become Israel's most famous model. • Army service: Has special uniform made with extra long trousers to cover platform shoes and a tight skirt; discharged after seven months. • Five years abroad: Models in London, Hollywood and New York; dates Peter Sellers; dines with Frank Sinatra; parties at the Playboy Mansion and Chez Johnny Carson; romances Roman Polanski, Edward Kennedy and Robert De Niro, turns down Warren Beatty and poses for Salvador Dali. • Back in Israel: Resumes modeling assignments; makes TV appearances; interviews the rich and famous such as Julio Iglesias and Cary Grant. • Businesses: Pnina's Sandwiches; clothing and makeup store in Dizengoff Center; launches cosmetic company in 1991 with $20,000 loan; today Pnina Rosenblum Ltd grosses $8 million a year. • Reunion: with long-lost father; he dies in 2001. • Marries: at 37 to Moshe Haim 26; they divorce, remarry and divorce again. • The Wall Street Journal 1992, nominates her as owning the fastest-growing cosmetics company in Israel. • Adopts two children girl Chen, now 11; boy Gal, now 10. • Rated most popular woman: mid-90s newspaper poll. • 1999 elections: Runs under own party getting 45,000 votes, 3,000 short. •Autobiography: The Road to the Dream. • 2003 elections: Runs with Likud as 41st candidate. • TV show debuts: 2004, The World According to Pnina. • Another groom: 2004, marries childhood sweetheart, Roni Simanowitz. • Caught: 2005, employs illegal workers as housekeepers. • Car: Porsche. • Diamond: 5-carat ring. • Home: 640-square-meter, 5-story house with 80-meter swimming pool and 3-car garage.