Schools out; number of accidents expected to rise

Parents should be especially careful of their children now that school is out, the Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel warned over the weekend. During the summer there is usually a sharp increase in children's injuries, mostly from drownings, falls from heights and bicycles, animal bites and road accidents, the center said. All children under the age of five should be watched carefully near pools, even shallow ones, and safety equipment should be used even by older children. Safety helmets and padding must be worn by children on rollerblades and bikes to prevent injuries. Move furniture away from windows and do not allow children to play on balconies or roofs without adult supervision. Make sure children don't move rocks, under which snakes or scorpions may be lying. In the event of a bee or hornet sting, try to scratch off the stinger with a credit card or blunt knife rather than pulling it out. If a stung child shows a reaction such as swelling, blue lips or difficulty swallowing, take him immediately to the emergency room. Avoid sunburns by covering children outdoors with light, long sleeved clothing, broad-brimmed hats and sunscreen. Make sure children drink a lot of water and encourage physical activity. Discourage them from eating junk food.