Sderot man demands EU protection

French citizen who lives in Sderot complains to European Commission it was not keeping its commitments to protect European citizens living abroad.

Attorney Mordechai Tzivin 248 courtesy (photo credit: )
Attorney Mordechai Tzivin 248 courtesy
(photo credit: )
Eyal Katorza, a French citizen who lives in Sderot, complained on Friday to the European Commission that it was not keeping its commitments to protect European citizens living abroad. Katorza said he had lost his job because of Hamas rocket attacks on the city and that his mother's store had been destroyed by a Kassam rocket. Katorza, represented by several attorneys including Mordechai Tzivin, called on the EU and its member states to stop violating European law by stopping to transfer funds to Hamas, creating transparency regarding all funding to Palestinian and Israeli organizations, and preventing the entry into Europe of people defined by Israel as terrorists. Tzivin charged that private individuals like himself were forced to do what the Foreign Ministry should be doing - but is not doing - to protect Israelis. "We plan to add to the claim any Israeli who holds a European passport and who lives within terrorist-rocket range," said Attorney Tzivin. "There are about 300,000 European citizens living in Israel, and thousands of them are estimated to be living in range of terrorist rockets. The EU grants hundreds of millions of euros a year in aid to Gaza, and it is inconceivable that European citizens should be harmed by money supplied by the EU. It's time that the EU takes responsibility." Tzivin and the European Citizens Council in Israel - a nonprofit organization representing Israelis of EU nationalities - which is also involved in this action - invited any EU passport holder living within range of Palestinian rockets to add their name to the lawsuit. "The EU Commission must stop transferring money to Gaza," Tzivin said, "and must reimburse its citizens for their reinforcement expenses - in fulfillment of its obligations to protect its citizens." Are you an EU citizen living in Israel within rocket range and wish to join the suit? Click here